Amazing boyfriend, Max and snake @ Museum of Science

Train to Museum…Max, Belle & Kendal

Our family outing was to the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science.  The family was to consist of this Frugal Jewgal, my amazing boyfriend, Belle and Max however late Friday evening, some genius decided to invite another kid to our family adventure (you know who you are).  So early Saturday morning, the five of us start our adventure taking the car to the train (same genius recommended the train as a fun time)  95 degrees in Florida, three kids, a stroller and waiting for the train.  Need I say more? 

We took the train to the Ft. Lauderdale station where again in 95 degree heat, waited for the bus to take us to the museum.  My family took advantage of the Bank of America first weekend of the month free entrance to the museum.  We were sadly disappointed with this deal.  In 95 degrees, ticket booths outside, we were debating with the cashier about why Bank of America “cardholders” enter the CHILDRENS museum for free, but the CHILDREN were charged to enter the museum!  We had anticipated saving money on entrance fees and using that towards the IMAX “Hubble 3D ” movie.  When kids are whining, how can you tell them no 3D because Bank of America deal was misleading?  You cant, so we paid extra and the kids were thrilled.  Me and amazing boyfriend were glad we paid the extra money, it was definitely money well spent. 

We also made the mistake of not packing lunch, thinking we would walk over to a local pizza place for lunch however 95 degree Florida heat, three kids, we decided we were better off eating in the museum at Subway which cost us a fortune!  No last minute money savings for this Frugal Jewgal.

The attractions were fun.  We especially liked the Hubble 3D movie as well as the Mars simulator and the “hurricane” where we were able to spin around super fast!

Traveling back from the space shuttle, a quick stop for slushies at 7-Eleven, waiting in the grueling heat for the bus to arrive and the fear of missing the train.  Luckily my amazing boyfriend “buffered” our train schedule so we wouldn’t be late and have to wait another two hours for the next train.  Although he didn’t tell anyone he buffered our timing and we were all whining and rushing in the heat trying to make a train that we had plenty of time to catch!!!

Overall our all day adventure was fun.  Any time with the children and the amazing boyfriend are hours I would never trade for the world.  Although it was not the ultimate Frugal Jewgal deal, it was worth the smiles on my loved ones faces.

Leave me comments on how you spent your Saturday with your loved ones!

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3 Responses to “Cars, Trains, Buses, Space shuttles..Oh my!!”

  1. Seems like fun!!!! It’s always an adventure. Every summer i like to get a bunch of kids and moms together for a train ride. (those who are brave enough commit). Last year we ventured to Ft. lauderdale. This summer we ventured to Miami. We started in Boynton beach. it was a nice ride to miami. we had to transfer to two other trains. it was eventful folding and unfolding strollers and lugging the bags. And of course making sure we had all 9 kids with us. Moms, kids , strollers, lunch, snacks…it was lots of fun. then we turned around to come home. Although we made great memories, we will probably go to delray beach or west palm beach next year, for our yearly summer train ride.

  2. Just keep making good posts.

    • thanks for your comment. I will surely try my hardest to continue writing posts that are useful, endearing and funny.

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