Men at work

This is a tribute post to all the men at work.  The men who work day in and day out, with little complaining and can still come home and find the energy to make there women happy!

For weeks we had been sitting at the kitchen table eating late dinners with no light.  We have a fan with lights on it and the chain was broken that controlled the lights.  No big deal for a while since it is Florida and the sun shines until about 8pm.  But it was getting annoying. 

My dad, the jack of all trades kind of guy, stepped up to the plate and attempted to repair a seemingly uncomplicated task.  Well 3 hours later, and the fan wires hanging lose from the ceiling, we needed to call in the big guns.

Yes, my AB (amazing boyfriend) came to the rescue.  He was able to wow us with his alert and calm demeanor to get the job done.  Just when they were going to accept defeat and call it a night, AB has an epiphany!  They were working with the light wires and not the fan wires which is why they could not get the lights and fan to work separately.

With hands like surgeons and focused eyes, my dad and AB worked as a team to put the wires back together and the fan back in its place in full working order.  To watch both men’s faces as they accomplished a job, they really had no expertise in, was an amazing sight for this most appreciative Frugal Jewgal.

All you ladies out there.  Remember our men work hard and don’t ask for much in return.  Make sure you remember to show your appreciation to your man every day for a job well done.  They deserve it and they will appreciate you in return.  Give it a try.  We all need encouragement and I believe we don’t thank people enough for all their hard work and dedication.

Thanks dad and AB.  You earned it!!

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