We all have our secrets.  I know I’m not the only one.  I have kept secrets from people I love becuase I thought if I told the truth, it would have its ramifications.  Not telling your secrets to the ones you love, there is always the fear of shame and embarrassment.  How do we decide the secret is appropriate to share?  How do we know by sharing the secret it wont hurt the other person?

I tried keeping a secret for over 30 years from two people who I love very much.  I never thought there would be a way these loved ones would find out the truth.  I never believed it was necessary for my loved ones to know.  After 30 years, my pain has dissipated, why rehash the pain within myself as well as causing new pain to my loved ones.  Isn’t this selfish?  People don’t have enough problems in the world that they now have to deal with a new secret?

I try to keep my regrets to a minimum.  If I could go back 30 years and tell the truth, I would.  I think things could have been different but it is to late now.  I am comfortable and content now.  I am strong and focused.  I will not live in the past and I wouldn’t expect my loved ones to either.

Doing things differently now, I have learned I am only as sick as my secrets.  It is not necesary to keep secrets anymore.  I am a truthful and honest person and I believe others are capable of the same thing.  I believe it will cleanse my soul to let go of all my demons.  Telling the people who deserve to know.  I will live the rest of my days as honest as possible.

All you moms, dont live in pain, share your secrets with people you trust.  Remember you are only as sick as your secrets!

You know who you are…don’t call me tonite….I love you.

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