Ok this post is not for the prudish mommy out there.  I am writing about sex.  Consider yourself forewarned!!

With the encouragement of my Amazing boyfriend (AB), and the invite from a friend of a friend, and after over one month of anticipation, I attended my first “Sex toy party” presented by Slumber Parties, Inc

Not only was I thrilled to have some hours away from the kids, but I was looking forward to having fun with other mommies as well as being able to learn new things to enhance my sex lif (although AB and I don’t need much help)!

No “party” is ever complete without wine and junk food.  Although I dont drink, I can laugh hysterically without mind altering substances, the night was only sillier because the other mommies were more loose and relaxed from the alcoholic beverages.

There were over 20 woman in attendance at this “party”, all different personalities from the loud, boisterous, outspoken mommies, to the more prudish mommies.  I’m the laid back, anything goes Frugal Jewgal mommy. 

Just a quick background to break through any misconceptions about “sex toy parties”.  This group of woman were given the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about how they could spice up their sexual relationship without feeling judged.   I know we could all learn a few things on not only how to be sexually pleased, but more importantly how to ask our significant others to please us the way we WANT to be pleased.  We played some silly games but mostly we were introduced to some fun “toys” we could use either alone or with our partner.

The presenter through Slumber Parties, Inc was funny yet informative.  Mostly every woman who attended this party, left with a discreet black plastic shopping baf with her contents safely concealed until she got home.  Every woman with the bag in hand and a smile on her face, anticipated the evening ahead.  Pleasure on a different level.  Luckily the party started early and ended early enough for the mommies to leave giddy, and in the mood to try out their new “toys”.

This night was so worth my time.  To be able to laugh with woman, share your personal stories and leave with a “gift” was a night I didnt regret being away from AB for a few hours.  I even made an appointment to “host” a party at my house.  Check out their website to see if Slumber Parties, Inc is close to your house.  I think you and your mommy friends will be very grateful!

Needless to say, AB was handsomely rewarded for watching the kids, baking me chocolate chip cookies and having his wonderful smile on his face when I walked in the house.

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  1. can I come

  2. can I come too?

    • Thanks for reading ann and yes I will let you know when the date is confirmed!!

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