Max's strollerI’m not sure about all you moms out there, but I know I often have scary images that pop into my head at really weird moments.  For example, if I’m driving, I’ll have a scary flash of another car hitting my car, or an image of me walking on the street and getting hit by a car.  I know this seems morbid, but ever since I had kids, I always seem to have these horrible images but never in my life did I ever believe the images would play themselves out in real life until recently!

One of my worst images came true.  The trauma still remains and the visions are clear as day.

I am a pretty routine oriented person.  I have my set schedule and I try not to deviate.  Well, Tuesday 10/12/10 I made a split second decision to  change up my schedule a bit.  I drove AB to the train station.  I debated whether Me and Max, my almost two year old, would drive to Dunkin Donuts for a bagel then the park or we should get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful cool Florida weather and walk.

I decided we would walk.  I live in a development in florida.  Its about 1/4 mile from my house to the entrance of my development which is Congress, a main street that leads us to the park. 

Usually when I walk with Max, I use his Radio Flyer tricycle and I push rather than use the stroller.  On this date, I decided to use his Chicco rugged umbrella stroller.  Thank G-d for small decisions.

We walked to congress, I noticed a neighbor beginning her walk with her child not to far behind me. I began crossing over the the first part of the three lane intersection since I had the light.  I stopped at the median, looked behind me and was two feet away from the curb when I noticed a white pick up truck making a left turn in my direction.  I noticed he wasn’t slowing down, he was trying to make the light. I  waved to him to get his attention while I was trying to pull Max’s stroller back to the median when the crunch and slam noise resonated in my ear.  I felt my arms jerk to the side as I held on for dear life.

The pick up truck hit Max’s stroller on the side.  I started screaming out for help, I heard Max crying and I begin to  unbuckle his, thanks goodness, 5 point harness, to check him.  I was shaking, I felt my knees getting weak and all I could think was That I had no idea what to do, I was scared to look at possible injuries, all I could do was hold max tight and pray.

There are, thankfully, still amazing, sincere caring individuals out there.  People stopped their cars and got out to help.  The mother who was walking behind me luckily saw the accident occur and was a great witness to explain the circumstances to the police.  Although she was as shaken up as I was, I commended her on her truthful and honest account of the accident.

I was supported by a lady who helped calm me down and consoled me.  Max finally stopped crying but my tears continued to stream down in buckets.  I kept thinking that “this could not be happening to me and my child.” 

The Police and the fire trucks showed up extremely quickly which I was very thankful for.  The stroller was checked out by the firefighters and it was noted that the side of the stroller was bent in.   Max was checked for injuries and besides some slight redness, Max did not have one bruise or laceration on his right leg which was the area of impact on his stroller. 

The firefighters felt max did not need to be brought to the hospital but it was suggested I bring him to his pediatrician for a follow up.  The crowd dispersed and the mom that witnessed the accident walked me home and spent some time talking to me.  We became friends.

I brought max to his pediatrician.  Of course I got all the what “couldve been” scenarios.  If i hadn’t held on to the stroller when it was hit, Max could have had a head injury.  If the pick up truck hit a little harder, Max’s leg could have been fractured and the worst one, if I hadn’t turned my head and pulled Max’s stroller away, before I crossed the street, me and max would have been hit straight on.

The driver of the car was drug and alcohol tested.  Although he was negative for alcohol and other drugs, I was told a few times by the police that the driver was “weird”.  His consequences were receiving two citations.  One for not having his insurance card and the other for an auto accident with bodily injury.

I cant say the images I get in my head will ever end, but I will pay more attention and be more mindful.  Accidents happen.  Although I often live in a world where I think horrible things cant happen to me or my family, lessons are, unfortunately,  learned the hard way.

Please be safe and always be cautious, not only for your life but the life of your loved ones.

Please share any comments about things that may have happened to you and your family that you never thought would happen.

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  1. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through! I was hit by a car once that drove off when the driver realized what he did. Thankfully, no one was hurt but it was a shaky experience.

    Refuah Shlema!

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