Max @ indoor Simon mall playground

Rainy days and Sundays always get me down.  In South Florida the sun is, for the most part, shining.  So how do you keep your kids occupied when you cant be frolicking outside?  I know keeping my children busy is important considering both my kids I think, are filled with more energy than the average kid.  If I don’t keep my children active, I am paying for it at night when they have continued energy and don’t want to sleep!

Some fun, frugal, indoor activities on rainy Sundays include a nice long trip to the mall.  In South Florida, luckily, we have some malls with indoor playgrounds.  We take a long walk around the mall, window shop of course then we play.  It is a small, contained play area so both my children can run around safely while the parents watch from the cushioned benches or ( play on their iPhone).   For lunch we either pack a lunch or share a big salad from the food court.  The fun part about the food court is, you guessed it, more free food samples!

Another fun indoor treat is going to the movies during the day.  Alco theatres offer discounted movie tickets for $5.50 before 6pm.  At Regal entertainment group theatre you can sign up for the Regal Crown club.  Members receive rewards each time 50 credits are earned. Regal Crown Club members will receive 1 credit per dollar spent on ticket purchases.  Points earned can be used towards free movies, popcorn, soft drinks and more!

Although I am not a big advocate of using movies and television as a “babysitter”, an outing to the movies occasionally is fun for the family.  Enjoying a movie on the big screen with surround sound is a real treat.  I know my toddler is usually mesmerized for 1 1/2 hours.  Use caution when going to the movies, watch your kids closely and please choose age appropriate movies.  There are ratings from the movie industry for a reason!

Sometimes staying at home with your children is all you need to pass the time and have fun.  Any fun activities with parent participation, is appreciated and wanted by any child.  So all you moms, act like a kid again, play hide and seek, color in coloring books or play with play-do.  Quality time with your children is most important!

Please leave comments from all you moms about how you keep your kids occupied when its raining!

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