I know I’m not the only mom who gets all manic Monday mornings!  By Sunday night I’m already anxiety stricken about how  my Monday will turn out.  Will the kids be little angels, or will the devil be possessing them at 7am wake up and an exorcism needs to be done.  I know when my daughter whines in bed ”Mooommmm, how much more time do I have left of school”,  I know its going to be another manic Monday morning.  For all you 80′s moms who remember the Bangles song, I know you can relate.  My daughter practically can sing the song verbatim!

Some useful mommy tips to help alleviate some Monday morning stress include preparing your children’s clothes for school the night before.  I have my daughter choose her complete outfit and she leaves it on her desk.  Organization for our family definitely keeps stress lower than usual.  All homework is completed the night before and no television until it’s signed off on by this frugal jewgal! 

I car pool and I find it easier if the other mommy does the pick up in the mornings.  My daughter is high maintenance, so every morning is usually difficult one way or another, so I find that my daughter will get out of the house easier if she knows she has to be ready for someone else other than her mother!

Another useful tip is talking to your children about the importance of sleep and how much sleep is necessary for the age of your child.  I like to teach my 7 year old that nighttime is when her brain and body are growing most quickly and if she doesn’t get good sleep, she wont be super smart and super tall! She seems satisfied with that explanation…for now.  A guideline I like to follow of how much sleep my kids should be getting are as follows:

Age Hours per Day
Birth to 3 months 14 to 18
3 to 6 months 14 to 16
6 months to 2 years 12 to 14
2 to 5 years 10 to 12
6-9 years 10
10-12 9
Teens 8-9.5

Another tip for the mornings are to eat a healthy breakfast.  In our efforts to make our kids happy, we often succumb to sugary cereals which do nothing for growing brains. Some brain foods that are simple and quick breakfasts include hard boiled eggs (I prepare them the night before) for protein, peanut butter on whole wheat bread, whole wheat waffles with pure maple syrup ( I like to prepare waffles in a waffle maker and keep a few in an airtight container for the week).  The best brain food breakfasts my children LOVE are fruit smoothies.  I use frozen strawberries and blueberries, crushed ice, whole milk and some honey as well as a scoop of Juice Plus + Complete drink mix for an added boost of fruits and vegetables!

The most important thing to keep your sanity is consistency.  Start a healthy routine and stick with it.  I know my children thrive on our schedule.  Every little bit helps.

So all you moms out there, leave your comments about how you survive those manic Mondays!

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